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Electric razor reviews 2015

November 1st, 2015

Oscillating_electric_razorShaving is a crucial grooming undertaking towards professional appearance. Unlike disposable razors, electric shavers offer a quick and close cut leaving the facial hairs looking sharp.

The electric razor features a strong blade and long lasting blades that creates a close clean shave. They are durable and offer top quality shave.

Electric shavers comprise a set of rotating and oscillating blades named as rotary and foil shaver respectively. These blades are bounded behind a punctured metallic screen containing holes or slits, which captures and pushes hairs through making the hair to come in contact with blades to facilitate faster and smooth shave.

The metal screen help safeguard the skin layer from the speedily moving and sharp blades.

Why are Electric razors preferred?


Most of the best electric razors are easily portable making them ideal for long distance travel. Often, an electric shaver package includes a travel case to avoid damage during long distance movements. Most reviews show that a shaver’s battery is long lasting and requires minimal recharging between uses.

Epilators for hair removal.

Electric shavers features two types of epilators namely tweezers and ceramic discs for hairs removal. The manner in which you intend to use your gadget determines choice, since some are cordless, while others aren’t, with some designed for bath or shower use and others restricted for dry usage. The varied choices allows most individuals find a machine for their choice.

Maintenance cost.

Electric shave are tough and durable offering long term service without damage or need for repairs. Their cleaning cartridges are less expensive and easily available allowing users enjoy healthy shave.


Although electric shaves are more expensive than manual shavers, their service is great. They are durable, offer smooth shave and requires less maintenance cost. Avoid cheap shavers so as to enjoy better services.

Perfect shave.

Electric shavers are very popular among most users due as they offer smoother shave without any side effect like skin irritations. Once used on frequent basis they tend to be ore faster and dependable compared to manual shavers.

According to most electric razor reviews in 2015, these fixtures are more adaptable and offer perfect shave. Depending on your preferred use, you can choose one that suit your lifestyle. With electric shavers in the market today, you don’t have to go to a barber shop to receive this crucial services. Nowadays most individuals choose to use their own shaving fixture in order to promote healthy shave anytime they feel the need.


Double Edged Safety Razor Tips

November 1st, 2015

Considering the increased cost of blade cartridges and razors, most men have opted for cheap and refined techniques of shaving. If you want a straightforward, effective and inexpensive method of shaving, then you should consider the idea of buying a double-edged safety razor.

However, using the best double-edged safety razor is not easy especially if it is your first time. Fortunately, this article has outlined some of the razor safety tips that will help you avoid injuries.


Shower before you shave your beard

Showering before shaving is among the most crucial step that most people forget or ignore. Showering helps to moisturize as well as soften your beard thus making the shaving process easier. Once you take a shower, you will not have many cuts and nicks.

Wash the entire face using warm water and safe facial soap

Your skin tends to accumulates dead cells with time. Washing your face helps in removing the dead layer on the epidermis before you embark on the shaving your beard. You can use a scrub to slough off the dead cells on your skin. Most men prefer using glycerin soap to remove dead cells and soften out the skin while at the same time retaining some moisture.

Apply a small amount of pre-shave cream into the beard

Applying a small amount of pre- shave cream containing glycerin will help to soften the beard further as you prepare to start the shaving process. Alternatively, you can apply baby lotion to your beard to reduce the amount of irritation caused by the blade and smoothes your skin for easy glide of the razor.

Use warm water to shave your beard

Warm is very useful when it comes to shaving beards. Apart from making you comfortable, it removes away the stubble and gunks in the razor blade as you continue to shave.

Lather the shaving cream and apply it on your beard

Most men rely on shaving cream because it is quick, easy to use and cost effective when compared to other chemicals. Using a circular motion, apply your shaving cream gently on your face. Use a clean brush to apply your lather evenly before washing your face to avoid removing the pre-shave cream

In conclusion, men with beards popularly use double-edged safety razor. These razor blades are cheap and they require little maintenance. However, before you start shaving with this type of razor, you must take your time and read safety measures so that you do not injure your face.


Top 10 Shaving Tips

November 1st, 2015

Shaving Tips

From mere removal of hair, the art of shaving has evolved as a science over the years. For some of us this could come as a surprise but it is true.

There are skin types and for each skin-type there are unique methods and special razors. This commonly practiced removal of hair art has a great importance in the life of a man.

With quality products and skin care the proper techniques lead you to get that look you always dream of. Not only they give the closest shave but also help you duck out the burning sensation or razor bumps.

Here are top 10 tips to set you off:

1. Prepare Your Beard: Razor burns and irritation is the result of less or no prework for getting the hair ready for shaving. Wet your hair with plenty of water and let them absorb the water; this softens the beard.

2. Use Shaving Cream: don’t pick the razor before you work the shaving cream into leather. It is a lubricant and helps the razor glide over the smooth skin. Give the leather some time to work and show its magic; just don’t hurry up.

3. Use Good Quality Razor: Use quality razor for quality shave. The blunt razor hurt your skin.

4. Do Not Use Disposable Razors: Disposable razors are not good for your daily shave as they are not engineered for quality shave; remember, they are not meant for good shaving.

5. Use a Good Shaving Brush: Shaving brush works in conjunction with shaving cream. Rotating the brush in circular motion brings the hair up for the razor and exposes the hair well for shaving.

6. Use the Razor like a Barber: To get the best of the results you should shave in the direction of the hair not in the opposite of growth. This prevents the cutting of hair below skin level and causes razor bumps. Don’t shave in opposite direction just to get closer shave.

7. Softer One First: Start with the sides; the hairs are softer there. Then move on to moustaches and finally to remaining portion. This allows the tougher hairs to get the maximum time to absorb water and soften.

8. Use Aftershave: After finishing the job, use a good quality aftershave to avoid any minor rashes or sensation as skin is most vulnerable after the shave; this is chiefly because of the involved exfoliation nature of the shaving.

9. Rinse Well: Rinsing your shaved face with cool water relaxes the skin.

10. Apply Alcohol-Free Aftershave Balm or Cream. Shaving takes all the moisture of your skin away; the balm helps the skin to regain the moisture.

These top 10 shaving tips will improve your shaving experience significantly.